Oxted School started its life in 1929 with 22 students and today has in excess of 2000, making it one of the country’s largest Secondary Schools. Being this size allows us to provide an extensive range of opportunities for our students, opportunities which prepare them thoroughly for life. We are able to offer a broad curriculum that includes many courses which smaller schools are not easily able to do. However, a young person’s time in the classroom is only a part of what they learn at school and we are committed to ensuring all students are not only offered these opportunities but that they are also able to benefit from a huge variety of extra-curricular experiences.

Our School is a Community School and a key part of Oxted itself, with many of our students volunteering their time and skills to help local organisations. We also have a very strong school community and this is underpinned by our five Houses and Sixth Form, who play a key role in leading the school and supporting our younger students. We are particularly proud of the support we offer all our students, allowing them to grow and develop into confident role models.

As a comprehensive school that is committed to providing opportunities for all, we set ambitious and challenging targets for all students and then work together with students and parents to meet, or exceed, the targets set. Our staff are committed to ensuring students have the greatest opportunities for success and employ a range of teaching styles to challenge students, leading to greater progression in their learning, growing independence, and to develop the broader skill set they will need in life.

The school has a clear message for all young people: Aim High, Seize Opportunities and Work Together for Excellence

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