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Art - Fine Art

Specific Course Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Art

Examination Levels Offered AS and A-Level
Examination Board AQA

Fine Art A-Level is linear two year A-level. In Year 12 students will develop a range of skills through workshops and
investigations of contextual sources. They complete a full project and final piece which will be assessed at the end of Year 12. They will then complete two units in A2 which be assessed for their final A-level qualification on a 60/40 split, a personal investigation and a controlled assessment unit. You will study the skills of drawing and painting as well as visually expressing your ideas in a range of media. You will study contextual sources including a wide range of artists and use these to influence and develop your own personal investigation. If you enjoy working on thematic projects and exploring a range of art materials, this course is likely to appeal to you. You will also have the opportunity to study figure drawing. If you have followed the GCSE Drawing & Painting, Art and Design Art courses, this course is appropriate for you. 

Year 12

Unit 1: Drawing Workshops
Students will learn, develop and refine a variety of recording skills and explore different media in the first 8 weeks.

Unit 2: Human Form
Students will develop their drawing and recording skills in including life drawing. Students will secure a sound knowledge of how to create and interpret contextual sources and this will help them develop their own personal style and portfolio. Students will need to explain the development of their ideas through both written and visual information. Students will need to submit all of their research work and the final piece which will be presented in the art exhibition. This will be the foundation for their A-level.

Year 13

Unit 1: Personal Investigation
Internally Set - 60%: Reveal and Conceal – a personal investigation incorporating both visual and written elements. This will take the form of a portfolio of work. Students are encouraged to develop their own personal style and to develop a high level of skill within their chosen specialisms. They are required to write an in depth essay to support their investigations.  Students must demonstrate greater maturity and depth in skill and knowledge gained from Year 12. Staff will also advise and help to organise portfolio work for students who wish to apply for further education within the Arts.

Unit 2 - Externally Set - 40%:
This assignment is aimed at assessing the students ability to work independently in response to a chosen starting point carrying out investigation, developing ideas and realising intentions referencing contextual and critical sources  Students will need to submit all of their research work and their final outcomes, which will be carried out over 15 hours in exam conditions. 



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