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Child Development - CACHE


Level 2 Technical Award in Child Development and Care

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Child Development is a course for those students who would like to work with children. It is also a valuable course for anyone who wants to have a family in the future or who wishes to go further in the caring professions – e.g. children’s nurse, early years teacher, health visitor or if you aspire to work in a playgroup or nursery. 

The Level 2 Technical Award in Child Development and Care consists of 3 units: 

Unit 1 - An Introduction to Working with Children 0-5yrs
This unit provides an overview of the different types of child care settings, the roles and responsibilities of working with small children, the differing needs of children and how to be fair and inclusive. 

Unit 2 - Development & Wellbeing 0-5yrs
This unit covers patterns of a child’s development, factors affecting development and how to support children during their development. 

Unit 3 - Child Care and Development 0-5yrs
Unit 3 is an examined unit covering child care and development between the ages of 0-5 yrs. The course is assessed through coursework assignments which are set by the awarding body and an examined unit consisting of learning from Units One and Two. 

The assignments take place over the two years of the course and are submitted in Year 11. 

Qualification is awarded  A*-D



Post-16 Choices
Students can go on to study a Level 3 course in Child Care either at the Oxted School, a college of their choice or through an apprenticeship programme. With further study, this course would be suited to anyone who has an interest in working with children in a range of professions.




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