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Childcare - BTEC Level 3 Certificate

Specific Course Entry Requirements  
Examination Levels Offered

BTEC Level National extended certificate - equivalent to one A-level

Examination Board Edexcel

Course Content and Assessment Details
This course extended certificate  in Children’s play and learning development, introduces students to the knowledge and understanding of working with children especially early years.  It enables students to understand the different areas of child development, factors that  might influence it and opportunities to identify the expected pattern of development in children aged 0-8years.  The course also provides learners  the opportunity to understand aspects of education psychology in early years with links to the different approaches to play and how to meet the play needs of children.

The course consists of four units, three of which are mandatory of which two are externally assessed.

Year 12 - Two Units will be covered:

Unit 1 - Child Development - Examined Unit
In this unit, you will learn about theories and models of development that explain how and why children develop and how this relates to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). You will develop an understanding of a range of factors that may influence children’s development, and consider the short- and long-term effects on their development.

Unit 5 - Keeping Children Safe - Coursework
In this unit, you will look at the legislation, regulations and guidance relevant to health, safety and safeguarding. You will investigate approaches to creating safe and secure environments and policies and procedures to control and prevent the spread of infection. You will learn about types of abuse and how to recognise the signs that a child is at risk. 

Year 13 - Two Units will be covered:

Unit 2 - Development of Children's Communication, Numeracy and Literacy Skills – Examined Unit
In this unit, you will learn the sequence of children’s speech, communication, language, literacy and numeracy skills
development. You will plan stage appropriate activities that encourage children’s development and understanding by
stimulating their enthusiasm, and using exciting and interesting ways to enable them to find out more.

Unit 3 - Play and Learning – Coursework
In this unit, you will learn about the types of play and the opportunities that should be made available to children at
different ages and stages of development. You will consider why play is so important and how it supports children’s
learning and development.

All students are expected to complete 50 hours of mandatory work placement in an early years setting.



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