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English Literature

Specific Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English Language and in English Literature

Examination Levels Offered A-Level
Examination Board OCR

English Literature A-level is linear. Assessment of a student’s knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years. 

The OCR A-level in English Literature is a rigorous and challenging qualification which allows both freedom of textual choice and embedded independent study. The non-examination element allows more detailed work in a field of particular personal interest, something which is good preparation for further study. 

The aim of this subject is to encourage learners to develop their interest in and enjoyment of literature and to engage critically and creatively with a variety of texts and contexts. 

Year 12

There are three units in this A-level. The Comparative and Contextual unit, worth 40% of A-level and assessed through examination, focuses on Prose in the gothic genre. We then work towards the first piece of coursework, a 1,000 word essay on Contemporary Poetry for Unit 3. Alongside this, we study the Shakespeare component of Unit 1, Drama and Poetry. 

Year 13

In this year we will be studying a pre-1900 play and pre-1900 poetry for Unit 1. We will also be completing the final piece of coursework which is a 2,000 word essay with a focus on post-1900 literature.




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