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Specific Course Entry Requirements  
Examination Levels Offered AS and A2 Level
Examination Board AQA

Geographers investigate and try to explain the world around them by looking for patterns and trends and seeking to explain their observations. If we understand how natural processes work we can predict the likely impact that people will have on them. This effective planning should lead to a sustainable management approach. Our investigations will look at scales ranging from global to local and include a focus on different levels of development. Geography includes a wide range of key skills. 

Associated Course Costs

Approximate field trip costs are: Hove £20, Stratford £20 and an optional Fieldwork residential to Dorset £100. The locations for field trips are subject to change and all prices are approximate. 

The A-Level Geography qualification is a two year linear course. 

The A-Level course covers the following three components: 

  • Component 1 - 2 hour 30 minute written examination
  • Component 2 - 2 hour 30 minute written examination
  • Component 3 - 3,000-4,000 word fieldwork investigation report

Component 1:
Physical Geography
(40% of the A-Level grade)

Component 2:
Human Geography
(40% of the A-Level Grade)

Component 3:
Geography Fieldwork Investigation (20% of the A-Level Grade)

  • Water and Carbon Cycles
  • Changing places
  • Students complete an individual   investigation based on a question or issue relating to any part of the   specification content
  • Coastal systems and landscapes
  • Hazards

We will also introduce the Fieldwork Investigation in the summer term in order to support students to carry out their data collection during the summer, in preparation for Year 13.

In Year 13 we will cover:

Human Geography

Geography Fieldwork Investigation

  • Global systems and global governance
  • Resource Security
  • Students complete an independent investigation based on a question or issue relating to




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