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Digital Information Technology - BTEC


BTEC Technical Award Digital Information Technology (Level 1 and Level 2)

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On the BTEC Tech DIT course students will learn a strong mix of creative design and technical knowledge.  Students will gain the creativity of User Interface design elements and the opportunity to work towards a realistic work scenario. This could be in areas such as Website Design and Mobile App development. Students will also study Cloud storage and cyber security aspects that can be related to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  This course is ideal for learners who want to progress to a digital Apprenticeship or BTEC Level 3 Nationals and for learners who want a career in IT . In this digital world, qualifications in IT and Computer Science are becoming essential. The BTEC Tech DIT course is a stepping stone towards that. 

The Level 2 BTEC Tech DIT is separated into three components. Component 1 and 2 are coursework based where as Component 3 is assessed by a written exam. 

Component 1 - Exploring User Interface Design Principles and Project Planning Techniques
Learners will develop their understanding of what makes an effective user interface and how to effectively manage a project. They will use this understanding to plan, design and create a user interface. The user interface could be a website, mobile app or an interactive touch screen display.

Component 2 - Collecting, Presenting and Interpreting Data
Learners will understand the characteristics of data and information and how they help organisations in decision making. They will use data manipulation methods to create a dashboard to present and draw conclusions from information. This component will help learners gain valuable IT skills used in almost all future careers. 

Component 3 - Effective Digital Working Practices
In this component, learners will discover about how organisations can use technology safely and about the cyber security issues when working in a digital organisation. The knowledge and skills you develop in this unit will give you a basis for further study in a range of subject areas, including computing, IT, engineering, creative and scientific, or you may go on to an apprenticeship or entry-level employment where your understanding of technology will be relevant.

Students will be awarded a grade Level 1 Pass to Level 2 Distinction based on the combined total of each component.

Component 1 is assessed internally in the form of coursework assignments (30% of the entire course)
Component 2 is assessed internally in the form of coursework assignments (30% of the entire course)
Component 3 is assessed externally by a 1 hour 30 minute written exam (40% of the entire course)



Post-16 Choices
ICT as a subject opens many doors whether it be in industry or further education. We offer the continuation of ICT and digital literacy skills through the Level 3 BTEC in Information Technology. The Pearson  Level 3 BTEC in Information Technology course is a mixture of both examination and coursework based assessment. 

This qualification provides a broad and solid foundation for further study of various aspects of creative computing, such as graphic design, web design, computer games design and interactive media.





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