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Mathematics - Further

Specific Course Entry Requirements

Grade 8 in GCSE Mathematics

Examination Levels Offered AS and A-Level
Examination Board Edexcel Modular

A-level Further Mathematics is for exceptionally high achieving Mathematics students who intend to continue studying a Mathematics related subject at degree level.

The course moves at a very fast pace and students will complete the Mathematics A-level course in Year 12, which is half the time A-level Mathematics students will take.

Students will then go on to study the Further Mathematics qualification in Year 13. Students will leave with two A-levels, one in A-level Mathematics and one in A-level Further Mathematics.

New Areas of Mathematics

The content will be the same as that taught on the A-level Mathematics course as well as the following:

  • Further Pure - Students will study topics such as Complex Numbers, Matrices and Proof, alongside others
  • Decision - Students will study topics such as Algorithms, Critical Path Analysis and Linear Programming

Course Content and Assessment Details

Year 12 (A-level Mathematics)

Paper Weighting Time
Paper 1 (Pure) 33.3% 2 hours
Paper 2 (Pure) 33.3% 2 hours
Paper 3 (Statistics & Mechanics) 33.3% 2 hours

Year 13 (A-level Further Mathematics)




Paper 1 (Further Pure 1)


1.5 hours

Paper 2 (Further Pure 2)


1.5 hours

Paper 3 (Decision)


1.5 hours

Paper 4 (Further Statistics or
Mechanics or Decision)*


1.5 hours

 *There is an optional choice for Year 13 which will be decided based on the strengths of the class during their studies in Year 12.

Each of the units are equally weighted and all papers are calculator papers. Papers for the Mathematics A-Level and the Further Mathematics A-Level are sat at the end of Year 13, however there may be the option to sit the Mathematics A-Level at the end of Year 12.



Staff Contacts
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