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Specific Course Entry Requirements Average GCSE grade of 5.5 and at least grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics
Examination Levels Offered AS and A-Level
Examination Board Edexcel

Mathematics is the study of patterns abstracted from the world around us - therefore it is clearly a very relevant subject with thousands of applications in almost all aspects of life. Indeed, every time you use, for example, your computer, your credit card or your car, you are benefiting from the fruit of someone's mathematical thinking.

A-Level Mathematics are intellectually challenging courses, highly valued by universities and employers. As well as being courses worth studying in their own right, you will find that Mathematics supports many other subjects, most notably the natural sciences. Your skills of logical problem solving and deductive reasoning will be developed to a high degree. 

New Areas of Mathematics

This is largely a continuation of the mathematics you have already met, especially algebra. You will, however, soon encounter new concepts such as calculus - very exciting and challenging! 

This area of Mathematics is closely related to Physics. You will learn how to describe mathematically the motion of objects and how they respond to forces acting upon them, from cars in the street to satellites orbiting a planet. You will learn the technique of mathematical modelling; that is, of turning a complex physical problem into a simpler one that can be analysed and solved using mathematical methods. 

You have also met this before, but at A-Level it is studied in much greater depth and is applied to numerous practical situations where you will learn how to analyse and summarise numerical data in order to arrive at conclusions about it. Statistics can be particularly useful if you intend studying Economics, Psychology or Biology. 

Course Content and Assessment Details 




Paper 1 (Pure)


2 hours

Paper 2 (Pure)


2 hours

Paper 3 (Statistics & Mechanics)


2 hours







Each of the units are equally weighted and all papers are calculator papers. All papers are sat at the end of Year 13, however there may be the option to sit an AS level at the end of Year 12 or Year 13 in special circumstances.



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