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Modern Foreign Languages



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Edexcel French
Edexcel German
Edexcel Spanish

The courses in each language all take the same format. The GCSE in Modern Foreign Languages is a linear course, which will all be assessed by formal exam at the end of Year 11. 

Why Study Languages?

We live in an international society and languages are all around us. Studying a foreign language opens doors to opportunities that would otherwise not exist, whether that is travel, study or work. Learning a foreign language also provides a valuable insight into the way language is constructed and can often help students to improve their English skills! Through learning a Foreign Language, you will also have ample opportunity to develop your transferable Powerful Learner Characteristics: Resilience, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Creativity, Courageousness and Collaboration. 

What will we study?

The focus of the new GCSE is on providing you with the ability to construct the Foreign Language for yourself, and therefore you will learn both the grammatical structures and the vocabulary to enable you to produce language either in writing or speaking and to understand the language that you read or hear. The contexts within which we will do this will be:

  • Identity & Culture: Relationships and Interests; Everyday life and Cultural life
  • Local area, holiday and travel
  • School
  • Future aspirations, study and work
  • International and global dimension - talking about events, good causes and the environment 

Through the course you will also learn about the culture of the Target language country and come across short extracts of literature e.g. poems and songs. You will also develop skills in translation. 

How will your work be assessed?

You will be assessed through four examinations taken in the Summer of Year 11:






35 minutes

45 minutes



7-9 minutes

10-12 minutes



45 minutes

1 hour



1 hour 10 minutes

1 hour 20 minutes


Students will be entered for either Foundation OR Higher across all four skills. The Speaking exam will be conducted in April of Year 11 by the class teacher, recorded and then marked by the exam board. 


Revision Guides
We recommend buying the Edexcel Revision Guide and Workbook for the 9-1 which has online audio files. 

  • French - Revision Guide (ISBN 978-1292132082) Workbook (ISBN 978-1292132013
  • German - Revision Guide (ISBN 978-1292132099) Workbook (ISBN 978-1292132044)
  • Spanish - Revision Guide (ISBN 978-1292132105) Workbook (ISBN 978-1292132075)



Post-16 Choices
Study of a language at GCSE could lead to AS / A2 level qualifications, as well as more vocational language courses. In an increasingly global market, the ability to communicate in a Foreign Language is a highly-prized skill in the world of work.



Staff Contacts:
Mr S Willard, Head of Faculty and Head of German - 
Mrs L Witty, Head of French - 
Mrs A Gonzalez Rincon, Head of Spanish -