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Specific Course Entry Requirements

At least 6-6 in Combined Science, grade 5 in English and grade 6 in Maths. It is strongly recommended that this subject is taken combined with A-level Maths


Physics requires a high level of maths skill and competency, and we expect students to be studying Maths Mechanics at A-level. Simply achieving a high grade in Maths at GCSE does not give students the on-going practice at Maths required to succeed in this course. Additional study will be required if you study Physics in isolation

Examination Levels Offered A-Level
Examination Board Edexcel

Physics A-level is linear. Assessment of student knowledge and understanding of the whole course takes place at the end of two years. Students will be expected to complete a formal end of Year 12 exam, but this does not count towards the final A-level qualification.

Why you should choose to study Physics?

  • Can you trust a bungee jump operator?
  • What goes on inside a CD player?
  • How can we design earthquake proof buildings

The answer to these and many other questions will become clear as you study the A-Level Physics course. This approach means that we will be looking at the world around us and seeking to explain how it works while learning some physics along the way. If you have an enquiring mind, an ability to solve problems in a creative way and a desire to find out more about the Universe we inhabit, then Physics would be an excellent choice for you. 

  • Mechanics
  • Electric Circuits
  • Materials
  • Waves and the particle behaviour of light

Year 12

  • Further Mechanics
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Fields
  • Thermodynamics
  • Space

Year 13
In order to be successful in Year 13, students must be able to demonstrate secure knowledge and understanding by the end of Year 12.

The Physics content, concepts and skills developed through study of these topics in Year 12 and Year 13 is assessed in three written papers.   Papers 1 and 2 assess the subject content of the A2 course and are each worth 30% of the A2 grade.   A number of core practical experiments must be completed in order to achieve recognition of competency in this assessed skill. Paper 3 assesses understanding of the Core Practicals that have been completed during the two year course and is worth 40%.


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