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School Bulletin

W/C Monday 29 October 2018 - (Week Two)

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Monday 29 October

Tenchleys House Assembly (Main Hall)
Sixth Form Assembly (Old Hall)
Prospective New Parents School Tour (12.35pm-1.35pm)
Year 11 English Language Workshop - Higher Ability (6.00pm, MDH)
Friends of Oxted School AGM (7.00pm, Meeting Room)

Tuesday 30 October

Foyles House Assembly (Main Hall)
Year 9 Bronze DofE Award Registration (1.35pm-2.10pm, Eden IT)
Year 13 Devised Drama Performance Exam (6.00pm, Studio)

Wednesday 31 October

Stocketts House Assembly (Main Hall)
Year 9 Bronze DofE Award Registration (1.35pm-2.10pm, Eden IT)
UCAS Clinic (3.30pm-5.30pm, Sixth Form Silent Study Area)
Oxted School Community Choir (6.30pm, MU1)

Thursday 1 November

Grants House Assembly (Main Hall)
UCAS Clinic (3.30pm-5.30pm, Sixth Form Silent Study Area)

Friday 2 November

Prospective New Parents School Tour (9.00am-10.00am)
Detillens House Assembly (Main Hall)
Year 13 ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ Trip (11.35am, Dorking Halls)
Future Friday Presentation (P5, Old Hall)

Appointment of New Head of School

Thank you to everyone who has ‘had their say’ and completed the Oxted School Community survey. We will publish the outcomes and further plans shortly after half term

Students with a PIN Number for the Canteen
If students forget their PIN number, they should wait until the end of break (11.20am) or lunch (1.50pm) to be issued with a new PIN number, alternatively students can go to the canteen before school. This is necessary to avoid additional delays during the busiest times for service. 

Students not on the original Registration of Biometric
With effect from Monday 5 November, there will be the opportunity for students who were not on the original registration list and have subsequently obtained parental consent, to register during tutor time. This must be authorised by their tutor, who will provide them with a permission slip. Students who arrive at the canteen during tutor time without a permission slip, will not be allowed to register. 

Equipment for Learning and Presentation in Books
During the first week back after half term we will have a whole school focus on Equipment for Learning and Presentation in Books. Please ensure students have the equipment that they need to learn effectively. As a bare minimum, they should have a pen, pencil, ruler and eraser. It is our expectation that the equipment is on the desk at the start of the lesson and tutor time.

Please encourage students to go through their books to check their presentation is up to scratch: titles and dates underlined, work labelled as CW (classwork) or HW (Homework), pencils used for drawing diagrams, rulers used for drawing straight lines. 

Punctuality to Lessons
With effect from Monday 29 October, staff will be positioned around the school at lesson change over and the end of the first break and lunch break, to ensure that we encourage good punctuality to lessons and a crisp start to learning. Students deemed not to be punctual will receive a late to lesson pastoral detention.

Autumn Term Enrichment Programme

PE Fixtures – w/c 29 October

Oxted Running Club - Training is at Oxted every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 3.10pm meeting at the back of school. New runners are always welcome.  Training will start for cross country.

YEAR 7 - All recipes are on the Website and FROG

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FDT Recipe – Naan Bread and Raita

YEAR 8 - All recipes are on the Website and FROG

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FDT Recipe –  Chicken and Mushroom Pie


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Consider a Healthy Lifestyle for Exam Success
Revision Techniques
Developing Independent Study
Revision Timetable (Morning Sessions)
Revision Timetable (Evening Sessions)
Revision Timetable (Out of School Hours)


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