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Theatre Studies

Specific Course Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in Drama or equivalent practical experience of drama and theatre

Examination Levels Offered AS and A2 Level
Examination Board OCR

A-Level Course

Unit 1: Practitioners in Practice  40% of A-level
This component is designed to allow students to explore practically the work of two theatre practitioners and to use the skills gained to explore text and create devised theatre and an extract from a performance text. This component is
practically based allowing students to explore and experience the key ideas and methodologies in theatre. Students are required to create a piece of devised theatre.

Section 1: Students will research and explore practically the work of others including:

  • two practitioners
    • one extract from a performance text

As part of this section, students complete a research report.

Section 2: Students create a devised performance influenced by their exploration of the work of others from Section 1. In this section students complete a portfolio of evidence of the practical work they have created and developed during the devising process. 

Section 3: Students perform the final polished devised piece of drama or theatre for an audience. This section requires students to create and develop ideas to communicate meaning, gaining an understanding of the skill set needed to work on a role for performance.  

Unit 2: Exploring and Performing Texts - 20% of A-level
The aim of this component is to use acting skills to communicate the meaning in a performance text to an audience.

Students are required to study one performance text in its entirety and work collaboratively to perform part of the text. The creation and realisation of the performance will involve realising their artistic intention through using acting skills in a live theatre context. Students will explain their artistic intention for their performance to the examiner through a written programme note.  

Unit 3.1: Analysing Performance - Written Exam 1: 20% of A-level
This component consists of two sections. The aim of Section A is to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how extracts from the chosen texts can be rehearsed and interpreted in performance, showing an awareness of characterisation, performance style, genre and context. The aim of Section B is to analyse and evaluate live theatre.

Students will explore how characters can be interpreted and developed ready for a performance. This component is assessed through a written exam but preparation will include practical study. Section B students are required to have seen a live theatre performance. The students must watch this performance during the course of their A-level study. 

Unit 3.2: Deconstructing Texts for Performance - Written Exam 2: 20% of A-level
Students will explore the creative possibilities of staging the chosen performance text. This component is assessed through a written exam but preparation will consist of practical study. Students are required to explore the performance text practically through the role of the director. Students will deconstruct the text and explore how any of its scenes can be staged and performed for an audience. Students will analyse and interpret the performance text in depth.

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