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Year 7 Recipes

w/c 9 September - Fruit Salad

1 small carton of fruit juice 

Choose 6-8 of the following fruits picking a range of colours to form a rainbow:

1 apple
1 banana
1 pear
1 kiwi
1 passion fruit
1 orange
2 apricots
1 peach (or small tin)
¼ pineapple (or small tin)
Small bunch of grapes
A few berries: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry 

A named sealable container to carry it home in 

w/c 16 September - Fruit Crumble  


150g plain flour or 150g wholemeal flour optional add 50g of oats or muesli
75 g butter / margarine
50g sugar (white or brown)

2 cooking apples or 400-600g of seasonal fruit
25g sugar (optional) 

A named ovenproof dish 

w/c 23 September – Chicken Pasta Salad


100g pasta shapes
1 baby gem lettuce
1 tomato
¼ cucumber
1 carrot
100g cooked sliced chicken
2 x 15ml spoons salad dressing eg low fat dressing, balsamic vinegar dressing 

A named sealable plastic container to carry it home

w/c 30 September – Scones – 7S, 7T and 7V ONLY

200g self-raising flour                                   
1 tsp baking powder                       
50g hard margarine or butter
125ml milk    

Optional ingredients - choose either sweet or savoury:

25g sugar 
75g dried fruit

75g grated cheese
1 tsp herbs or spices e.g. chilli

A named container to carry them home 

w/c 7 October – Cheese Pasties


100g plain flour
50g butter or margarine
50g grated cheddar cheese

ADD either
½ small onion, finely chopped or 35g ham, or both 

A named container to take your food home in

w/c 14 October – Dutch Apple Cakes – 7S and 7U ONLY


100g caster sugar
100g soft margarine
2 eggs
100g self-raising flour
1 x 5ml spoon baking powder
1 eating apple
1 x 5ml spoon cinnamon
1 x 5ml spoon Demerara sugar 

12 paper muffins cases and a named container to take your food home in 

w/c 21 October – Naan Bread


60ml milk
200g strong flour
1 x 5ml spoon baking powder
½ sachet instant yeast
75g plain yogurt
1 x 15ml spoon oil 

A named container to take your food home in 

w/c 4 November – Pizza

Base Ingredients:

250g bread flour                              
1 tbsp olive oil                    
1 packet of easy blend yeast        
1 tsp caster sugar (school provides)
Pinch of salt (school provides)

Toppings Ingredients:

100g-150g cheese
2 tbsp sauce e.g. ketchup, BBQ, garlic
2-3 sliced mushrooms
¼ red pepper
½ small onion
100g cooked meat or fish e.g. tuna
1-2 slices of cooked meat e.g. Salami, pepperoni, bacon
1-2 tbsp sweetcorn or anything of your choice e.g. pineapple, olives, capers 

A named large container to take your pizza home in 

w/c 11 November – Chicken Pasta Salad – Restaurant Standard

Students should adapt the recipe from w/c 24September to produce a restaurant standard dish.  They are welcome to bring in crockery to help with presentation. 


A named sealable plastic container to carry it home

w/c 18 November – Macaroni Cheese


25g plain flour
25g margarine         
250ml milk
50g grated cheese
100g macaroni


1 tsp mustard
1 clove of garlic
2 slices of ham
1 tbsp sweetcorn or peas

A named container to take your dish home in